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Financial Institutions

We cooperate with other projects, so that payments can be received even if there are no other referring participants

Flexible But Stable

Our marketing strategy is designed so that in any case scenario the script will pay income to investors

Officially Registered

No deception or fraud on our part. Our company is officially registered and you can request documents via the chat window

How Visible Works

Transactions audit

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Why to invest to us?

Fully Automated

At any stage of the work with our system only robots are involved, there is no human participation at all

Transprent Audit

The site has a table with the latest financial transactions, so that all information is transparent and you can always see the status of the investment

SSL Trusted

The project is equipped with a green security certificate SSL, so you know that money will be paid in time

Effective Marketing

Our marketing strategy is designed to maintain the site for weeks, we do our work to keep payments going all along

Profitable Terms

Financial conditions of our project are ten times more profitable than bank deposit rules

Unique Script

The script is written by a team of professional programmers, debugged and tested in practice, so there are no errors at all

24/7 Support

For any of your questions you can contact our chat room and we will provide you with consulting services

Advanced Affilation

The site supports a special referral program system, so you can get a lot more income while helping to develop the system


What does your website do?

Our HYIP doubles your 0.001 to 1 BTC investment in 24 hours. Deposit 0.005 to 0.1 to get additional 10% profit.

How your affilation program works?

You get 20% for first three daily invitees deposits. Then affilation payment amount is 25%/deposit. And bonus of halfed invitee's profit amount if his deposit is more than 0.2 BTC

Do you have any fees or comissions?

We do not have any. At each stage of working with us you save all your money, except for the Blockchain commission.

What are your guarantees? is a HYIP-project, so we have no guarantees, but theoretically payments will be received in the first ten days of the life of the project. Be sure to use our affilation program to longer its' living time.

Who made this and why?

We are a team of Ukrainian programmers and that is our first project. We get money for referral links we publish.

When my transaction is going to be confirmed?

Blockchain of Bitcoin is responsible to the time of confirmation. It is about 10 minutes for lower amounts, 30 minutes for higher ones.